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Do You Want to Take Better Pictures?

•"As much as my camera cost, I know I should get better pictures than this."

•Have you thought to yourself: What do all the buttons and dials on this camera do?

•Have you stared at, read, re-read and finally fallen asleep trying to decode your camera’s manual?

"It can’t be that hard! If someone would just explain it!"

Does any of this sound familiar?

If any one of these thoughts ever crossed your mind, I can help you.

My name is Waco Hill and I am the owner of The Photo Finishers and a professional photographer operating not one, but two professional portrait studios. I have been working in the photographic industry for  over 20 years, and in that time as you can imagine I have learned a trick or two not only about equipment but creating photographs in all kinds of environments and situations.

I have completed 1000's of studio assignments as simple and a 1 Adult in Studio Session to Hundreds of Wedding with 10+ bridesmaids and Groomsmen to photographing commercial projects with the likes of St. Joseph Hospital, NPMC, The Hot Springs Mall, High Tech Engineering, and Baxley Equipment just to name a few. All these clients over the past 20 years have counted on me to produce photography that met and exeeded their expectations in a timely fashion. As you might imagine, you have to produce at a high level and you have to produce on time to be able to make a living in any business for that long. In short, you have to know what you are doing.

Now, I want to share my knowledge with you, my clients and friends.

I will be happy to send you absolutely FREE my short training video on DVD so you can discover 3 simple photography tricks to improve your photographs today, get a camera features tour, and discover insider secrets that will make a dramatic improvement in your photography, regardless of your equipment or experience level.

Simply complete the form below and I will rush you this DVD absolutely free with no obligation. I'll even pay for the shipping and handling to you.

Why would I do this for FREE?

Shouldn't I be charging for this?

Well, my accountant thinks so. These DVD's cost me a bunch of Money.

It's true, I am a business owner, and I am in business to make money. I am also a photographer. After you work with as many great photographers as I have over the years, you discover that photographers are incredibly sensitive and emotional people and have a great deal of empathy for others.

That's why, even if you can't afford to attend one of our classes, become a member, or invest in one on one consulting with me right now, I still want to help you. I care about the future of photography, and I care about you, even if we have never met.

That's why I am willing to pay money out of my pocket to give you this gift.

Thank you for visiting The Photo Finishers.

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The Photo Finishers has been the areas most complete Photographic and Digital Resource for 15 years. In addition to film developing, they offer professional digital printing in house for sizes from locket photos to 24X36, Full service professional video center capable of transferring film, tapes, negatives, slides or photos to custom made DVD Videos, Photographic Restoration and copy services on any size or condition original, Equipment sales and repair, Albums, frames, lenses, bags and accessories, in addition to an amazing full service studio and truly friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Stop by 1819 Albert Pike Suite F. in Hot Springs, or call 624-4029 or toll free 888-624-4029 for all your imaging needs.

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