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The Photo Finishers was the first in our local area to offer modern restoration services way back in 1996, and we have continued to pioneer in all aspects of our services.

What is the value of a photograph?

We tend to think that photos are beyond even the concept of value. I can tell you personally that you would not have enough to take away from me photographs of my grandparents who are no longer with us here. Have you ever picked up a photo and been transported to a time, or situation that you had forgotten. Photographs are powerful, almost beyond words to describe. We have witnessed many photographic tragedy's over the years, from house fires, to floods, to photos falling off the wall and sticking to glass in the frame, to divorces where someone needs to be removed from a photograph. We understand that restoring these damaged one of a kind works is a task that must be placed in the hands of someone you trust. That is why your original photograph never leaves our possession, and we pride ourselves on having the finest restoration artists on staff available in the field. We treat each project as unique with our goal to be returning the damaged photograph to the visual condition that it appeared when originally created.

We specialize in oversized (10X13 plus), odd sized (antique oval photographs), colour, Black and White  and complex restorations, and our work is always guaranteed. We want you to be thrilled not just satisfied with your restoration. We view each photographic restoration as a custom  project with its own unique challenges and solutions. We understand that your project is special and we will provide it with the attention to detail that you expect and deserve.

We will be happy to give you an estimate on your custom photographic restoration work at no charge or obligation. Simply bring your original photo in to our location in Hot Springs on Albert Pike. We will quickly analyze the original and assess any damage, and let you tell us what changes you would like to create. Please feel free to call us or stop by with any questions about any of our photographic services.

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The Photo Finishers has been the areas most complete Photographic and Digital Resource for 13 years. In addition to film developing, they offer professional digital printing in house for sizes from locket photos to 24X36, Full service professional video center capable of transferring film, tapes, negatives, slides or photos to custom made DVD Videos, Photographic Restoration and copy services on any size or condition original, Equipment sales and repair, Albums, frames, lenses, bags and accessories, in addition to an amazing full service studio and truly friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Stop by 1819 Albert Pike Suite F. in Hot Springs, or call 624-4029 or toll free 888-624-4029 for all your imaging needs.


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